Posted by: travelrat | May 31, 2013

Kiel Video

Kiel Canal 1

Kiel: 2nd December 2012

When I went to the Viking re-enactment the other day, one of the re-enactors told me she originally came from ‘… the part of Germany that used to be in Denmark’. Schleswig? I asked; yes, she said. Near Kiel.

So, she was able to answer a question that had been niggling for some time .. I couldn’t remember, and couldn’t lay my hands on an old enough map. Before re-unification, was Kiel in Eastern or Western Germany? Western, she said … but only just.

‘We could see the fence and the guard towers from our bedroom window!

She also said that my mental picture of Kiel would have been right … forty years ago.

‘Kiel was heavily bombed in WWII, and a lot of the houses which were built since were functional and rather dreary. But, they’ve done a lot to redress that in recent years’.

So, on to the canal. I realise that watching a ship go through a lock is only marginally more exciting than watching paint dry. But, I tried my best!



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