Posted by: travelrat | May 20, 2013

They Don’t Build Them Like They Used To …

Neolitic House, Old Sarum

Ever since my teens, I’ve been coming across the letters ATC in one form or another. First, it was the Air Training Corps, then Air Traffic Control. Then, it was Amesbury Town Council and now … the Ancient Technology Centre.

You can find out about the Ancient Technology Centre at their website; . In a nutshell, it started off as a school project, which was intended to show children how houses were built, and give them some idea of life in historical times.

Neolithic 2

From there, it grew, and they have been awarded the contract by English Heritage to construct neolithic dwellings for the new visitor centre at Stonehenge. But first, using volunteer labour, they did a trial run at Old Sarum, based upon archaeological finds at Durrington. The objective was to see if the theory worked … it seems authentic enough to me.

In fact, I think I could live here … but, for a short period in Summer only!

Neolithic 3


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