Posted by: travelrat | May 13, 2013

Rostock: The Christmas Market


Rostock: 1st December 2012

Rostock is claimed as having ‘ … the greatest Christmas market in the North’. They didn’t specify in the North of what, but I can quite believe it.

First, though, a quick bus tour of the gates and what’s left of the city walls, and a visit to St. Mary’s church, to view one of the only four astronomical/astrological clocks in the world.

Then, a serving of glühwein, a custom I could get quite used to, before being released into the market for a generous allowance of ‘free time’

Lorraine Rostock

Well, how can I describe the markets? Thankfully, I had my cameras, and don’t have to rely on words alone to describe the bustle and the vibrant, excited buzz.

There were food stalls selling bratwurst, hot chocolate and glühwein … all things you can get at Lidl, at home, but with far more atmosphere. Mixed with these were stalls offering all kinds of crafts and sweets associated with Christmas. And, there’s no tat; strict regulations sternly bar these from German Christmas markets.

Gingerbread! That’s a smell I always associate with these markets. And, towering above all, there’s a Great Big Wheel … and if you (or the children) want more rides, the fairground, in another location, is an almost indispensable part of the market.

(There is video, but I’ll save that for next Christmas!)

Rostock Christmas Market 1


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