Posted by: travelrat | May 10, 2013

The Siege of Sarum

Sarum 513a

Last weekend, they re-enacted the Siege of Old Sarum during the Wars of the Roses. Now, my knowledge of this particular war is rather sketchy … at school, we were given a mnemonic, which went something like ‘A boy must know all the battles until Bosworth’ to help us remember the main battles … but this boy certainly didn’t know them.

I’m pretty sure, though, that there wasn’t a battle of Old Sarum … but why spoil a good re-enactment with facts?

Anyway, I wasn’t really there for the armour and the weapons … although the trebuchet was interesting.

What I really wanted was pictures of the ordinary people, the craftsmen, the wives … in fact, anyone who wasn’t a knight or a man at arms. And, as you can see from my pictures, I got a pretty fair cross-section of the society of the time.

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  1. […] and attempted to take the castle from its Yorkist garrison. You can read about this ‘battle’ at … despite all the cabbages hurled at the castle walls by the trebuchet, she didn’t succeed, so […]

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