Posted by: travelrat | April 15, 2013


Warnemunde 2

Warnemünde: 1st December 2012

By the cold … and I mean COLD … light of day, Warnemünde is quite a pleasant place. It’s a blend of cargo and ferry port and seaside resort, and was developed from a small fishing village. I suppose we might quote the house-buyer’s dictum here; if you like it in winter, you’ll love it in summer.

Fishing still goes on, and in the harbour, several fishing boats are moored. Some of them are set up as stalls in a sort of floating fish market. Indeed, some of them are equipped as snack bars. Seafood snacks, of course.

Most prominent is the lighthouse. Unfortunately, it was closed to visitors for the winter, and I wondered if it’s still in use, for there’s another out on the headland.

In the main square, a busy market was being held … but not the Christmas market. That was still being assembled, and wouldn’t be opened until 3 o’clock, by which time we’d be in Rostock, looking around their Christmas market.

Fish Stall, Warnemunde



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