Posted by: travelrat | April 12, 2013

Irish Sea

Discovery 2

Irish Sea: 16th March 2013.

There’s yet another system of rank badges to be learnt on this cruise line. I just saw a guy with two rings on his shoulder cleaning the heads out. But then, when we met the Captain, he was wearing the same insignia as an Admiral in the Royal Navy.

We passed within sight of land several times, but had difficulty identifying it. I heard someone suggest that there should be ‘howgozit’ screens fitted, like on aircraft and more modern ships. But, I’d guess that retro-fitting them to an older ship would be just too expensive.

You can tell how ‘experienced’ Discovery is by the plaques on the bulkhead behind the bridge. Plaques from ports where she’s called all over the world … as Discovery or in her previous existence as Island Princess.

Today was an ‘At Sea’ day. We passed the time by attending two interesting lectures, and taking part in a quiz … which I won. A very nice lanyard and keyring … of which I have a drawerful from various places at home.

And, I learnt a new word. (German, I think).  SPUCKBEUTEL. It appeared on the little paper bags which we found after dinner, discreetly draped over the handrails at frequent intervals. It doesn’t take much imagination to translate this as ‘sick bag’. It looks as if they’re preparing for heavy weather tonight.



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