Posted by: travelrat | April 8, 2013


Oompah Band

Warnemünde: 30th November 2012

To misquote a famous writer:
‘Went to Warnemünde. It was closed’

However, we didn’t get there until 6 p.m., when most of the shops close. We were told there was a small Christmas market by the church, which would be open until 8 p.m.

The market was there all right, but it was closed … geschlossen, fermé and cerrado!

Otherwise, the place was, at least, seasonally decorated and illuminated; the part we could see, anyway. However, there was a considerable amount of roadwork going on, which we had to negotiate.

So, first impressions weren’t all that favourable. But, I’ve been wrong before, and I was wrong this time also. As we’ll see next time, when we explored by daylight, it’s really quite a pleasant place.

In the evening, they arranged for an ‘oompah band’ to come and entertain us. But, they didn’t play any of the oompah band favourites; no ‘Rosamunde’; no ‘Der Treue Husar’ and no ‘Balls to Mister Bangelstein’ (I’m afraid I don’t know the German title to this one)

But, what they did play was certainly in the oompah band tradition, and I’m looking forward to using their music in the sound track of one of my videos.


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