Posted by: travelrat | April 5, 2013

Off to Sea Once More ….

Discovery at Alesund

Bristol: 15th March 2013.

If we sail from Avonmouth again, I think we’ll approach from the M5, rather than negotiate the horrendously congested A4 through Bristol. The Avonmouth cruise terminal is a long way this side of Heaven, too. We queued for nearly an hour and a half in a dreary, draughty warehouse before we could check in and board.

Thankfully, the Discovery, although an old ship … she was one of the stars of the 70s TV series The Love Boat…she wasn’t in anything like as bad a condition as the Facebook pages had led us to believe after the cancelled cruise earlier in the month.

The only issue I had was the khaki-coloured water that appeared first time I flushed the loo in our cabin. But, it didn’t appear again, so I didn’t mention it, and don’t think there’s much to complain about there.

We sailed at 7 o’clock, while we were having dinner, and our course will take us northbound, through the Irish Sea.

The after-dinner entertainment was good and professional, but we made an early night of it, as the clocks went forward an hour through the night, to conform to ship’s time.



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