Posted by: travelrat | March 13, 2013



In the beginning, there was Stonehenge and its near neighbour, Woodhenge. In recent years, Carhenge, Strawhenge and Clonehenge have joined them. And, the other day, along came another. Bladehenge!

This is the latest of the sculptures on Solstice Park, again created by aircraft engineering apprentices from Qinetiq, at Boscombe Down, under the supervision of sculptor Charlotte Moreton.

I haven’t seen any notes on this, so I have to guess at the interpretation. It looks like the three pieces are gigantic jet turbine blades, and they’re arranged in a formation somewhat reminiscent of Stonehenge. So, I’m theorising that this is meant to represent the links between Boscombe Down and the local area.

But, if I do find out, and it’s any different, I’ll let you know.




  1. Travelrat – as one of the apprentices who built thus sculpture, I can confirm that you’re spot on with your interpretation. The towering circle of the components was indeed meant to replicate the layout of stonehenge. The structures are each shaped as an aerofoil, with a twist, as is found on the turbine blades of any jet aircraft.

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