Posted by: travelrat | March 11, 2013

St. Petersburg: Video

St Petersburg 2

St Petersburg: 28th November 2012.

Our short visit to St. Petersburg would have taught me one thing, if I didn’t know it already. Judging by the people we met, the Russian people are nothing like the ‘Russkis’ we’d been told … even indoctrinated … about in the military. Mind you, it worked the other way, too. I think every other serviceperson who ever visited East Berlin has a ‘You must be an officer! You’re wearing a watch!’ story to tell.

It was a fairly long day and, as usual, I’ve summed it up with a video. This one is rather cobbled together. At the Peterhof, you remember, photography of any kind was forbidden inside the building. At the Hermitage, we had to buy photo permits; one for each camera. I just bought the one, and left my video camera in the cloakroom, so what you’ll see is a slide show of the still pictures I took.

St Petersburg is only half crossed off the list. I’d love to visit again in Summer, and see the Peterhof in all its glory.

(Forbidded?? Sorry about that, folks! And, as I explained last week, that isn’t the St Peter & St Paul Cathedral, although I swear the guide mentioned something about St Peter and St Paul??? Any input greatly appreciated!) 

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