Posted by: travelrat | March 1, 2013

Kata-Tjuta (The Olgas)

Olgas 2

Kata-Tjuta: 21st April 2012

From Uluru, we drove the short distance to Kata-Tjuta (Many Heads), or the Olgas, to give them their English name. They’re not really hills, rather huge rocks, but, unlike the far more popular Uluru, it’s many rocks, not just one huge one, and looking at them you can easily see why they’re called ‘many heads’.

It’s another sacred site to the Anangu; a ‘men’s business’ site, from which women are normally prohibited. But, if you don’t belong to the tribe, visitors are welcome whatever their gender, although, once more, they’re requested to stay on the marked trails.

Olgas 5

We walked along Walpa (Windy) Gorge, not to be confused with the nearby Valley of Winds. Again, it’s well named, (I will resist the temptation to lecture about the Venturi Effect!) but at least, the wind kept the flies down.

Here, too, there’s a ‘sunset viewing’ point. It was a long time until sunset, but it’s the only place for miles around where there are toilets. And, it’s a good place for photography at any time of day. Anyway, as we found out at King’s Canyon later in the day … it wasn’t all that spectacular a sunset anyway.

Olgas 4





  1. Great to see those evocative hills once more Keith – a truly stunning place. Everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime IMO!

    • I’m putting a video up today, & posting about King’s Canyon when I get back from Norway in April.

  2. All the times I’ve been in Australia, I’ve yet to see the red centre. Uluru and Kata-Tjuta are high on the list for next time…

    • Hi, Sophie!

      I thoroughly recommend both of these … no pictures or video can do them full justice! Also recommend you make time for a visit to Watarrka (King’s Canyon) which I’ll be posting about when I return from Norway at the end of the month.

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