Posted by: travelrat | February 15, 2013

Uluru Slide Show

Slide 2

Uluru: 20th /21st April 2012.

You’ll notice, when writing about Uluru, I’ve avoided saying, as some writers do ‘Uluru (also known as Ayers Rock)’. For some reason, I’ve always found that irritating … I wonder how long it was before they stopped writing about ‘Istanbul (formerly Constantinople)’?

I’ve also got a thing about the early explorers naming things after some Government pen-pusher who never saw the place. I’ve often held that Mount Everest should be called Chomolungma or Sagamartha (depending on which direction you approach it from).

But, I think we should confine my ‘rule’ to natural objects. Otherwise, we’d have to change the names of places such as Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, among many others.

Anyway, enough of the pontificating. Here’s the slide show!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


  1. Enjoyed your slide show and so agree with you about its beauty. I found it one of the most inspirational places on the planet – as you can see from you post here 🙂

    I am someone who does sometimes say ‘aka Ayers Rock’ I dound many people didn’t know where I meant when I told them I was going to visit courtesy of Northern Territory tourism board. They think it will be a few years yet before msot people are familiar with Aboriginal name – and your photos will certainly help that process along.

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