Posted by: travelrat | February 5, 2013

Route (A)66 … minus one

A65 near Addingham; taken a couple of years ago

A65 near Addingham; taken a couple of years ago

Leeds: 2nd February 2013.

Unfortunately, they didn’t write a song called ‘Route 65’, so I couldn’t think of a catchy title for a post about a drive along the road from Kendal to Leeds, the A65.

It’s not quite so well-travelled as its better-known neighbour, the A66, about 30 miles north, but it does pass through some nice places. It used to pass through even more, but the rugged grey stone Pennine towns and villages such as Skipton, Settle and Clapham have now been by-passed. But, there’s still Ingleton, Long Preston and the beautifully named Giggleswick.

It’s mainly a single-lane carriageway, with some good views of the Pennine hills, especially in the low, clear light of this morning. Alas, stopping for photography is usually difficult; even dangerous. It seems they put the only places it’s possible to stop safely … the roadside parking places … on the most unphotogenic stretches of road.

Another, similar, point of issue. Before I left, Dad gave me a package, with a request that I put if into a post box, if I happened to pass one.

I passed several … but none had anywhere convenient I could safely park the car for a few minutes.

So, maybe the A65 is just a road for getting there, rather than ‘tripping’?


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