Posted by: travelrat | January 30, 2013

Tallinn Video

Shopping for Woolies, Tallinn

Tallinn: 27th November 2012.

Have you ever come across this scenario before? You decide to go somewhere of which your knowledge could be carved on a quarter-inch ball bearing with a two-inch chisel, and suddenly, you’re overwhelmed with information about the place. There’s an article about it in just about every magazine or newspaper you pick up; you meet someone who’s recently been there, or you spot one of their food specialties at the delicatessen.


Of course, it could be that the stuff’s always been there; it’s just that you didn’t notice it till you started taking an interest in the place. Whichever, I did pick up an interesting, if trivial, snippet.


Did you know that, according to a German researcher, the first known decorated Christmas tree was recorded at Tallinn?


And, it was in Tallinn that I learnt my first word of Estonian. Shokolaad. Any guesses as to what it means?


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