Posted by: travelrat | January 25, 2013

Back in Madrid

Leaning Towers


Madrid: 19th October 2012

When I last stayed at Eurobuilding 2, I thought the area boring, and not much of interest. But, things do seem to have improved slightly … or maybe I should have looked around more?
Since Segovia isn’t very far from Madrid, we arrived here in plenty of time for me to look around a little. In particular, I wanted some pictures of the spectacular twin leaning towers of the Bankia and Realia buildings. I’d already taken one from the Plaza Cuszco on Sunday morning, but thought I might get some better ones if I strolled down to the Plaza Castilla.
I wasn’t wrong. I did indeed get my pictures … as well as a bonus. In the plaza is a kiosk bearing the magic word: Chocolateria!


I’ve already posted … nay, drooled … about the delights of chocolate con churros. Here, they sell ‘porros’, which is a similar doughnut-ish stick that you dip in your chocolate. But, you have to be careful when ordering it, for the word sounds similar to ‘porra’. And a porra is … well, you don’t want to let the police catch you smoking one.
On the way back, I spotted a café/bar I haven’t seen before. I marked it down, and wandered over there … when I’d digested the chocolate. I had intended to have dinner there, but, instead, just had a couple of beers and some tapas. I picked up a hamburger at the Burger King on the way back to the hotel. Which sounds rather ordinary, but, after a few days of the excellent food at Torrecaballeros, maybe ‘ordinary’ was what I needed.



  1. mmmm Chocolate&Churros, the best combination for winter in Madrid!

    If you want to know where are the “hot stopts” for partying in Madrid, don’t miss our last post:

  2. OMG. The churros look fantastico. I would be in heaven!

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