Posted by: travelrat | January 7, 2013

Back on the Train

Dining Car


Katherine to Alice: 18th /19th April 2012.

Once we were back on the train, we got going again and were soon summoned to dinner in the quaintly old-time Queen Adelaide Restaurant. Three courses were served most efficiently; pumpkin soup, entrecote of beef and a cheese platter.
After dinner, I went to the ‘Welcome Reception’, where we were given a glass of sparkling wine and told a few facts about the train. They explained why, later on, it would feel like the train wasn’t moving … because it wouldn’t be! At 2 a.m., it stops at Tennant Creek for three hours, to ensure that passengers see more country by daylight, and that they don’t arrive in Alice Springs at a most ungodly early hour of the morning.
We were awakened the following morning by a cup of coffee and a most beautiful sunrise. I was just getting my camera out to photograph it when the train started moving. Once more, on its way to Alice Springs, which we reached about 9 o’clock.
However, we couldn’t check into our hotel until 2 p.m., but they were quite happy to look after our bags while we had a look around … mainly, a bird’s-eye view of Alice from Anzac Hill, followed by a quick pie in a shopping centre, somewhat spoilt by an amateurish saxophonist busking noisily. Maybe if we’d given him a dollar, he’s have played somewhere else?
After spending a quiet afternoon catching up on email and my blog, we climbed Anzac Hill again to photograph the sunset, and picked up a KFC on the way home.

Alice Springs


  1. Hi Keith,
    The food sounds and looks really nice on the train. A bit silly I think that you couldn’t get into your room at the hotel until 2pm, that is a long wait after such a journey.

    • It’s pretty general everywhere … they have to allow time for cleaning and making up the room. Generally, outgoing guests must vacate by late morning, and incoming not check in till mid-afternoon.

      However, several times, I’ve been let in early if the room was ready; I’m prepared to accept that it wasn’t on this occasion.

  2. I love trains! I wish I could experience traveling more by trains. You’ve been blogging since 2007!?! and you’ve blogged about my the destinations upcoming on my list. I’ll subscribe then and read through ^_^

    • Hi, Hannah! Welcome aboard!

      I love trains ever since I was a small boy, but try not to get too obsessed and nerdy about them.

      Where are you?

  3. Sigh….how lovely to eat in a restaurant car!

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