Posted by: travelrat | December 21, 2012

Off to Torrecaballeros

El Rancho 6

Torrecaballeros: 14th October 2012.
The breakfast did indeed prove to be more substantial — scrambled eggs, cold ham, cheese and pan chocolate. A vast improvement on the coffee and toast I was given last time I was here. Getting to the breakfast buffet is rather complicated, though. I knew the buffet was on the second floor, but there’s no button for it on the lift. What you must do is descend to the foyer on the ground floor, (I was on the third floor), go down the stairs to the basement, then take another lift up to the second floor. It reminded me a little of the similar arrangement on some cruise ships, where I assume they do it to ensure diners pass through the casino.
Our destination, Torrecaballeros, is one of those euphonic Spanish names that just roll around the tongue. It’s just outside Segovia, and only a short ride from Madrid. We left the capital in bright sunshine, and went through a tunnel through the mountains, and emerged at the other end under a leaden sky, which produced some rain later … and a torrential thunderstorm in the evening.
The hotel, which rejoices in the name of El Rancho de la Aldegüela, is a complex in all senses of the word, with buildings grouped around attractive gardens … and umbrellas provided for transit between them. It really looks more Mexican than Spanish, but attractive nevertheless. Probably more so when it’s not raining.
I learnt something new at the toilets. In Spain, if there aren’t any pictograms showing which is which, they usually label the ‘Gents’ ‘señors’ or ‘caballeros’. Here, I was simply confronted with the letters H and M. Now, having once written an article about an alpaca farm, I’m familiar with the words ‘macho’ for the male and ‘hembra’ for the female … so I was just about to go in the door marked M when one of the Spanish lady participantes came out, and explained it was H for ‘hombres’ (men) and M for ‘mujeres’ (women)

She was highly amused by the ‘macho’ and ‘hembra’ though!


  1. Hi Keith,
    That does sound a strange way to go to the buffet for breakfast, that is just amazing, so complex just to get to the second floor, a bit of an oversight by the original builders perhaps?
    I had to have a laugh about the toilets, that is classic. 🙂

    • I suppose it wold be the equivalent of ‘bucks’ and ‘does’, or ‘bulls’ and ‘cows’ here? 😀

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