Posted by: travelrat | December 17, 2012

Ghan to Katherine: Video


Darwin/Katherine: 18th April 2012

When I made my video, I included some artefacts from the ‘Old Ghan’, which I found in the National Railway Museum at Port Adelaide. I discovered there’s much more at the Pichi Richi Railway, in Port Augusta, and at the Ghan Museum in Alice Springs.

However, I haven’t visited either of these places yet; maybe on a future visit?

Meanwhile, enjoy!




  1. Hi,
    A great video, you have managed to capture the wide open spaces, and the difference in the landscape as you travel along the line. Looks like there was plenty of people on the train as well. It would be nice if you were able to came back to Oz to visit those places that you missed.

    • Hi, Mags! We’re looking at the possibility of a visit in 2014, but don’t know yet where we’re visiting or what we’re doing. At the moment, we have a ‘dream list’ … a lot of which will probably get crossed off on the grounds of expense or practicality.

      But, I’ll be sure to post when our plans are a bit firmer.

  2. Love your videos of trains. They are always so good. Choo chooo!

  3. Welcome back, ladies! I hope the problems causing your absence from the blogosphere are now behind you, and we can resume our conversations.

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