Posted by: travelrat | December 14, 2012

Spain Again

Madrid 12
Madrid: 13th October 2012.
Once more, I’m off to Spain to take part in a Vaughantown programme. I meant to go earlier in the year, but circumstances dictated I must postpone the trip to later than I usually go. So, I wasn’t expecting great things from the weather, but threw a pair of shorts into the bag just in case. However, on this occasion, the people of Spain were not treated to a sight of my knees.
On arrival at Madrid Airport, I wondered if it was maybe a sign of the economic straits in which Spain finds itself that the Metro fare from the airport into the city had gone up from €2 in September last year to €4.95 this year?
I’m stayed at the Eurobuilding 2, where I have stayed before, and have said less than complimentary things in the past. But now, Vaughan Systems are in the same building, and a special rate has been negotiated for Vaughantown participants.
It’s got to be said, too, that the room I was given was a lot more compact and comfortable than the barn I had last time. And, there’s now free wifi!
Hopefully, the breakfast tomorrow will be a bit more substantial than the one I had last time, too.

Eurobuilding 2


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