Posted by: travelrat | December 12, 2012

Departure from Southampton … Eventually!

Black Watch 2

Southampton: 22nd November 2012.

We left the car at Cruise Parking in Southampton and transferred to the Black Watch by coach.

Maybe it’s appropriate that, on Thanksgiving Day, we passed West Quay, from where the Pilgrim Fathers first set out for the New World. But, West Quay is now high and dry, and our destination was the Queen Elizabeth II terminal … where our ship was conspicuous by its absence.

So, we waited … and waited … and waited.

They told us she had left Dover on schedule, but was delayed by heavy seas and strong winds. And, there’s not much to do in the terminal except sit and read. If you want anything to eat or drink, you have to pay for it. Even a drinking water fountain would be nice. It wasn’t until much later, I found out there actually was one … but it was well hidden!

More hassle when we finally boarded. My security card didn’t work … although the security guy looked as if he wished the floor would open up as he frantically fiddled with his machine to make it function. Finally, he succeeded, and let me board.

Then, dinner! Good food, slick service and well-presented, although it wasn’t my idea of Irish stew. It was a bit thin, and there were no potatoes in it. But, it was very tasty nevertheless.

Finally, lifeboat drill. At 11 p.m! After the Concordia disaster, the rules changed. This must now be held before the ship sails.

Around midnight, we finally fell into bed. The cabin’s comfortable, but a bit short on storage space. I don’t think the ship’s designers thought of this type of cruise, where you need a little more than T-shirts, shorts and flip-flops.

Black Watch Warnemunde




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