Posted by: travelrat | December 9, 2012

Review: Stone Lord

DSC_0004Stone Lord: J.P. Reedman

Mirador Publishing 2012 ISBN: 978-1-908200-96-9

It’s hard to define exactly what this book is, for it doesn’t really fall into any definable classification. Historical novel? Fantasy novel? It’s really a seamless blend of the two. Certainly, a lot of painstaking, informed research has gone into this, generously spiced with a lot of imagination. And, who’s to say it didn’t happen something like that?

A big problem with the King Arthur legend in that many people, influenced by the work of almost everyone from Malory to Monty Python tend to associate him with the Middle Ages, and portray the ‘knights’ wearing plate armour, and living in stone castles.

Doing away with such anachronisms, and moving the timeline back to an unspecified pre-Roman age makes the plot much more believable … although it’s emphasised that this is a work of fiction.

But, there’s little here that a serious student of the time could find fault with; although a lot of the action is centred on Stonehenge, the author wisely offers no explanation as to how it came to be; even then, it seemed one man’s theory was as good as the next.

It’s a well-written, plausibly told tale, which moves at a fast pace. But, it doesn’t completely cover the story of King Arthur.

Is there more? Will there be more? There will indeed; the sequel is being worked on at the moment, and should be published in May.

You can get ‘Stone Lord’ from Amazon, in either paper or electronic form. Visit the Stone Lord site at

Janet Reedman

Janet Reedman





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