Posted by: travelrat | November 16, 2012

I Want to ‘Go with Oh’ to Barcelona

I’ve written before about how short ‘ports of call’ on cruises often offer a tantalising foretaste, leaving you with the wish you could stay longer. Of course, that’s rarely possible, for a cruise ship is losing money every minute it’s tied up in port. But, nevertheless, it’s worth sampling such places, in the hope that you might manage a longer visit at a later date.

One such place is Barcelona, which, on our sole visit there, we got whisked around in almost indecent haste.

‘If you look to the right’ said the guide on the tour bus ‘you can see a building designed by the famous architect Antoni Gaudi’.

No, we didn’t get off the bus; we were stuck in a traffic jam at the time, which did, at least, allow us to take a few pictures out of the window. But, were our memories of a fine city to consist solely of a few mediocre pictures and some shaky video taken through a bus window?

We were on our way to the quirky, Gaudi-designed Park Güell, where we did get a chance to walk around. But, we were told … be back on the bus in thirty minutes! From the little we did see, it was obvious that the Park deserved a whole day to be devoted to it. The rest of the day was devoted to a whirl around the Sagrada Familia and the St. Eulalia Cathedral … and the impressions from each of these sort of telescoped together; I have to get my notebook out to determine where the geese were.

From the good things I’ve heard from people who’ve stayed longer … or, even, live there, Barcelona is high on my list for a revisit. I want to take my time wandering around Park Güell. And, the photographs I’d like to take most of all are of the Casa Mila and the Casa Batilo, with a chance to walk around and spy out the best angle. The Sagrada Familia deserves more attention than we were able to give it on our whirlwind tour, too … with the bonus that I hear the cranes are now gone.

Since my wife hasn’t yet tried the Spanish customs of tapas and chocolate con churros, maybe this would be a good place to introduce her to them. And, for more substantial eating … at a Vaughantown programme a couple of years ago, I met a chef and restaurateur called Pepe, who had an establishment in Barcelona, and claimed to make the best paella in Spain … (a claim made, I suspect, by most Spanish chefs!) … and, if ever I was in Barcelona, I should stop by and sample some.

Now, if I can remember where I put his card …. !

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  1. Cool post Keith! We agree, trying to fit Barcelona into one day proves too difficult- there is way too much to see and do in that amazing city! We wish you the best of luck in our contest!

  2. As a Barcelona resident, I’ll agree with your friends – you have to come back and spend more time in the city! It has some really amazing things that you just can’t see on a super short trip. Hope you get to come back someday 🙂

  3. I’ve never been to Barcelona but would like to visit one day. The architecture is amazing. One day……

  4. I’ve been living in Barcelona for the past year and a half, and I definitely recommend spending a reasonable amount of time here. I’ve still got loads to see properly despite actually living here. Not to mention the Costa Brava, which sits enticingly to the north…

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