Posted by: travelrat | November 12, 2012

Plymouth and the Harbour Cruise Video

The Belvedere, or ‘Wedding Cake’

Plymouth: 28th June 2012.

Plymouth was bombed heavily during WWII, but some grand Victorian buildings survived, notably the Belvedere, known locally as the Wedding Cake, and a fine terrace of houses nearly on the seafront at West Hoe.

I was also intrigued by the dilapidated, seemingly abandoned beach huts partially tunneled into the cliffs near the Lido. I would have thought this a good, quirky location for boutiques , craft shops or restaurants; maybe there’s a reason why they’re not so used?

Where there is a harbour, there’s usually a harbour cruise which I took, notwithstanding the rather unkind weather, mainly for orientation purposes. That’s an experience I might well repeat in nicer weather … if, indeed, Plymouth University does become Ellie’s seat of learning of choice.

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