Posted by: travelrat | November 2, 2012


Plymouth: 28th June 2012.

We dropped the girls off at the University, and, rather than sit through a day of presentations and ‘Death by Powerpoint’, I set off to explore. For some reason, the word of the poem ‘Drake’s Drum’ came back to me:

‘ … for if the Dons sight Devon/ I’ll quit the port of Heaven/ And we’ll drum ‘em up the Channel as we drummed ‘em long ago’

But, what was almost the first thing I saw? A tapas bar! Could it have been that, by ‘Dons’, the poet meant Doncaster Rovers?

Of course, Sir Francis Drake himself … or rather, his statue, stands looking out to sea on the green hill that is the legendary Plymouth Hoe. And, not far away is the Hoe Bowling Club … probably where he had the famous game of bowls which he is supposed to have insisted on finishing before going to fight the Spanish Armada.

The Hoe was rather hectic at the time of my visit, for it was being prepared for Armed Forces Day on the following Saturday. But, that didn’t affect another attraction on the How, the Eddystone Lighthouse. Not, of course, the one which stands on the Eddy Stone today, but the one which it replaced, which was re-erected here as a memorial to its designer.


  1. Drake probably did finish his game of bowls. The real reason for his delay was that he had to wait for the tide. He couldn’t beat out of the harbour against it like a modern yacht can.

    • Yes, I can believe that!

      And, although I hate spoiling a good story with facts, I believe the weather contributed more to the defeat of the Armada than Sir Francis did.

  2. Another of my favourite UK cities not viisted for sometime now though, thanks for bringing back some memories.

    • Hi, Ian! Thanks for stopping by!

      Had the National Marine Aquarium been built last time you visited? That’s one of the best I’ve ever seen!

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