Posted by: travelrat | October 29, 2012

More Falls of Water

Florence Falls

Litchfield National Park: 16th April 2012.

‘Call that a waterfall? THIS is a waterfall!’

That’s what I wanted to write on a postcard to send to the rangers at Morialta, where, the previous week, we’d seen a feeble trickle that was more akin to a leaky tap. But, of course, I didn’t.
The ‘Wet’ was just over, so there was plenty of water in the falls at Litchfield National Park. That’s ‘falls’; plural; we saw three, each one more spectacular than the last. There are swimming holes below all three of them, The only one that was open, because of the danger from crocodiles so early in the season was Florence Falls, the first one we visited. The others, Wangi and Tolmer, would be opened later.

The theory was, I reasoned, that the water level in the rivers would fall, so that the crocodiles couldn’t access the pools, and any trapped in them could be captured and relocated. It was only a few days later that I realised there’s a serious flaw in that reasoning. Crocodiles have legs, and can walk on dry land! Presumably, though, there are measures in place to cover this eventuality?
We managed a good ‘bush walk’ down to the swimming hole at Florence Falls, and there’s also a good walk at Wangi. Most of this is on a boardwalk. We’ve often come across these at various Australian attractions, and I’ve often wondered about their real purpose. They tell us that it’s to protect the environment from the trampling feet of the tourist. But, I wonder if it’s really there to minimise the chance of a visitor stepping on the more unfriendly kind of wildlife?

Wangi Falls

As if to illustrate my point, below us a long, sinuous shape slithered off into the bush. No, I don’t know what kind it is, said the guide, and I’m not going to go down there and check.

‘But, you can, if you like! I’ve got some anti-venin in my pack!’
The walk at Tolmer just took us to a lookout, where we could view the falls from above. But, that didn’t really matter. The walk alone was worth it.

Tolmer Falls


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