Posted by: travelrat | October 26, 2012

Next trip!

‘So, let me see if I have this right. We’re to meet a bus at a railway station outside an airport?’
‘You’ve got it!’
National Express, about which I’ve written much, isn’t the only long-distance bus company in Britain. There’s the Megabus, and there’s Greyhound UK; I haven’t said much about these, as I don’t use them; there are no convenient stops near us. The nearest stop for both is at Southampton … and the Megabus doesn’t go into the city. It just calls at the airport on its way to Portsmouth.
But, these factors didn’t worry our grand-daughters. Megabus have a boarding point in Leeds, where they live, and, at the other end there was ‘Grand-dad’s Taxi’. No problem at all; Southampton isn’t that far away.
No sooner were we back from the Low Countries, when we were off on our next trip. Ellie was checking out universities, to decide which one she wanted to apply for when she finished school. On the list was Plymouth University, so would we please, pretty please …. ? Of course we would!
Now, Plymouth is just a bit too far from us to make a round trip comfortable in one day, and I haven’t been there for a long, long time … if, indeed, I’ve ever been there at all; I certainly don’t remember it. So, let’s make a Trip out of it!

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