Posted by: travelrat | October 22, 2012

More Pies and Famous Cheesecake

Litchfield National Park: 16th April 2012. 
Among the first things I do when visiting any city in Australia is check out the local pies. Here, they come from a bakery called ‘Mrs. Mac’s’, and I had two of them. The standard beef pie was palatable enough, although I found the pastry a little gooey, maybe because I bought it cold and microwaved it, rather than buying it hot from the oven. But, the other pie, the ‘Spicy Meat-lover’s Pie’ was a delight, and compared favourably with any other Aussie pie I’ve had.
I’m wondering, however, if Mrs Mac’s pies, are, like Darwin’s beer, imported … there’s no brewery in Darwin, so it’s all shipped from interstate. The guides like to joke that it comes through the massive pipes that line the Stuart Highway. Because, later, I had a ‘Four and Twenty’ pie … which, if my information is correct, is made in Melbourne.
One thing we didn’t see was ‘Famous Pies’; if you remember, when we visited Queensland a couple of years ago, every other pie was ‘famous’
But, they do describe one food item as ‘Famous’ When we had lunch at the Litchfield Café, an optional extra at the end of the meal was their speciality … mango cheesecake. Mangos, they said, are really the only thing that can be grown in the Northern Territory in any quantity. So, I suppose it’s inevitable that, among the many uses to which mango can be put, someone thought of cheesecake. They claim it as the ‘Famous Mango Cheesecake’, so we just had to try it.

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