Posted by: travelrat | October 10, 2012

Now You See Him: Now You Don’t …

For the last three months or so, visitors have had one question for me:

‘Where’s the Big Fella? What’s happened to him?’

Now, you might remember, ever since he took up his stance outside the Holiday Inn, ‘The Ancestor’, to give him his ‘official’ name, been looked on as a sort of ‘Angel of the West’, welcoming visitors to the area. To be honest, though, his body language actually seems to me to be telling them to sling their hooks!

In the short time he’s been there, he’s been identified with Amesbury, and the road west. He appears on the Jubilee Mosaic, and was featured in Tom Fort’s TV programme and book about the A303, by the side of which he knelt.

He could be moved, though, and, as I posted at the time, he went (with a little help from the Army) up to Stonehenge for the Summer Solstice, then down to Hudson’s Field, in Salisbury, to take part in the Olympic Torch celebrations. Most of us expected him to be returned to his original position, but, no. First, he went to AR Metalcraft’s workshop for further anti-rust treatment, then it was announced that there he would stay, until some decision was made about his future.

About that, I shall say no more, lest I jeopardise any negotiations that might be going on, but I’ll send you to to read the ‘story so far’ on them.

But, there’s still a chance to see him … or, at least part of him. This weekend, there’s to be talks at the Melor Hall in Amesbury, by Dr. David Jacques, the archaeologist leading the dig at the ancient settlement nearby. He’s bringing some of the recently-found artefacts, many of which are over 8000 years old. And, Andy and Michelle are bringing the Ancestor’s head, and one or two other pieces of their work.

Sadly, though, I won’t be able to make it, for, early on Saturday morning, I leave for Spain. Hopefully, though, there’ll be other occasions?


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