Posted by: travelrat | October 5, 2012


Bruges: 25th June 2012.

Last week, I posted about a visit I made to Bruges many years ago. Today, I’ll tell a little about our stop here on the way home from Maastricht; ostensibly, to compare the two visits, but really so I didn’t have two videos close together. You’ll see the video next week.


We only had a little time here; just enough for a canal cruise and some lunch.


Breakfast in the hotel in Brussels that morning had been chaotic. Everyone had been assigned a time to come to the dining room, which most people ignored. First, we had to wait a considerable time for the bacon and eggs to be replenished, then wait several minutes for someone to bring some cups for the coffee. That’s just not acceptable in a four-star hotel … and if it happened in a military mess-hall, they’d probably have a mutiny on their hands.


When we got to Bruges, the sun finally came out. There’s a pleasant walk from the coach park to the city centre, but we didn’t go all the way. We had a look at those old buildings from a canal cruise boat. I noted that here, many of the houses came right up to the canal edge, like in Venice. In Amsterdam, there’s usually a road between the house and the canal.


As I said last week, we didn’t stop at the Halve Maan for lunch. It smells like a brewery, was the complaint (That’s probably because it IS a brewery!)


The one we chose was an open-air café called the La Dentelliere. You’ll find this in the Minnewater Square, where an expanse of grass leads down to the canal. Here, the horse-drawn barouches, which will take you round the city ply for hire. So, there was a very slight odour of horse-manure in the air.


But, it wasn’t enough to put me off my Flemish beef in beer stew … which isn’t a million miles from my favourite, steak and ale pie. This is Flemish, though … and still delicious!


  1. I Love the horse and carriage. The town is so quaint. The photo of the bridge with the ducks nearby is so lovely. I would like to visit Bruges some day. The beef in beer stew sounds delish.

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