Posted by: travelrat | October 3, 2012


On Monday, the workman came round to upgrade the loft insulation. We had to clear the loft first, and were surprised at the amount of ‘forgot we had it’ stuff that came down. Including some stuff left by the previous owner; we’d never have bought carpet like that in our worst moments. This was an ideal moment for a serious de-clutter.
The bulk of the ‘stuff in the loft’ was suitcases … including a couple which had failed the ‘Heathrow Baggage Handler Check’, but which we’d kept anyway. They could go to the recycling centre. Now, we had to decide which other ones to throw, and which to keep. Believe it or not, you can get emotionally attached to a suitcase, especially one which has been to many places with you.
Among our discoveries was a cabin trunk, in which our daughter used to transport her belongings to boarding school, and which we’d forgotten all about. With a couple of ‘UK Start’ cruises coming up, I wondered if we could use it?
Who’s going to carry it?’ said Lorraine.
Well, when such luggage was in its heyday, back in the 20s and 30s, there were plenty of obliging porters to carry your trunk from the train to the ship.
‘And here, my man, is a shiny shilling for your trouble!’
‘Gawd bless you, Guv! Thank you kindly’ (touching hat respectfully)
End of fantasy … if I’d lived in those times, I’d probably have been the porter! Anyway, Vicki said she could use it, and could we please bring it up next time we came.
Among the ones we decided to get rid of was ‘Little Sammy’ … a Samsonite which used to belong to my late uncle. Uncle Harold used to be a great traveller … he worked for British Airways, and its predecessor, BOAC, so could go anywhere they flew for pennies in the pound. So, ‘Little Sammy’ had already got some miles on the clock before it came to me.
Although I used to use it often, I haven’t of late … it had a luggage tag on it from a coach company that went out of business eight years ago … so, reluctantly, it was put in the reject pile.
But, at the recycling centre, I was just about to throw it on the skip, when a lady came up, and asked if she could have it. She said she was returning to work as a flight attendant, and had found it hard to find a suitable case. ‘Little Sammy’ was almost exactly what she needed.
So, I like to think that Uncle Harold’s bag is continuing its travels, and might even become the most travelled bag in the world.


  1. AWww. THat is a really cool story. I like to think of Uncle Harold’s bag continuing its travels. You can’t beat the old Samsonite cases!

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