Posted by: travelrat | September 24, 2012

Yellow Water

Kakadu: 15th April 2012.

Let’s be clear about this. In this case, ‘Yellow Water’ is not what you get from melting ‘yellow snow’. It’s a while since any snow fell here, if it ever fell at all. But it does rain! We’d picked the best time of the year to visit; the season known as the ‘run off’, the period after the ‘Wet’ … which is a masterpiece of an understated description. When it rains here, it rains! In fact, the road to the boats was still flooded, but the minibuses to which we’d transferred had no difficulty fording it.

Fortunately, the boats were moored to a floating pontoon, so we were able to transfer from the buses to the boats dryshod. What a cruise! We saw lilies, egrets, darters (a water bird, similar to the cormorant) and crocodiles!

But, they weren’t the dreaded saltwater crocodile, which, despite its name, is quite happy in fresh water, too. These were freshwater crocodiles, which, they say, aren’t harmful to humans. Nevertheless, nobody was game to dip a hand in the water!

Every time I saw a floating log, I thought it was a crocodile. The ranger said it was better than stepping on a crocodile and thinking it was a log, as so many animals … and people … have done, usually with fatal results, in the past.

We cruised down Yellow Water, and into JimJim Creek. Everywhere, there were floating pads of water lilies and trees, most of which carried a distinct ‘tide mark’ to show where the waters came in the wet season.

There’s certainly a lot to see at Kakadu; even a week doesn’t seem long enough to devote to it. But, sadly, we could only spend a day there. We had other things to do … and a train to catch!


  1. Kakadu is a magical place but I know what you mean about the ‘floating logs’ – all those crocs tend to make you a bit jumpy. Love your photos and I also love your new header. It’s fAB!

    • The header’s been up since July, & I’m going to change it next month. But, I hope you’ll think it just as good!

  2. Well, here’s another place in Oz that’s on my bucket-list!

    • I haven’t crossed it off completely. I’d really love to go again & maybe stay a little longer.

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