Posted by: travelrat | September 14, 2012


Valkenburg: 24th June2012.

Either Brussels Airport is very quiet at night, or they have very good soundproofing at the Airport Hotel. But, it still hasn’t changed my opinion of airport hotels; at the risk of repeating myself, they’re solely for people who need a hotel near the airport.

Anyway, we woke to a grey, drizzly Brussels, and drove down a grey, drizzly motorway in just under the advertised 90 minutes to a grey, drizzly Maastricht.

Now, we could have just been turfed out here to make our own arrangements in the ten hours before the concert started, and ordinarily, there would be no problem here, for there’s plenty to see and do in Maastricht … in nice weather.

We heard later of an old lady in another group who had simply sat in a church for hours, to pass the time. But, Jay said that, if we wished, we could stay on the coach, and go with him to Valkenburg.

We’ve been here before, many years ago and, again, there’s quite a lot to do … when the weather’s nice. There’s a ruined castle on top of the hill, and there are caves. Like the ones at Maastricht, they’re artificial ones, in which limestone was mined, but they’re interesting, nevertheless. One of them holds a water organ, and we have a DVD of André Rieu giving a concert for the Queen of the Netherlands in one of them.

However, we didn’t really have enough time to revisit the caves, so there was little to do except walk down the main street, which was being extensively refurbished at the time of our visit, and inspect the souvenir shops and the menus outside the cafés.

With lunchtime approaching, we had a beer and a toasted sandwich in a little restaurant called the Bistro de Preuverie. And, I now know the Dutch, as well as Spanish and Italian for ‘toasted sandwich’ … or I would, if I could find my notebook!


  1. Fascinating! I like the juxtaposition of old and new buildings in the second photograph.

    • Blows me away, too. We have quite a few examples in Salisbury, near where I live.

  2. I like the old archway. It’s quaint and charming. I wouldn’t mind seeing it myself!

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