Posted by: travelrat | September 12, 2012


Discovery (photo by kind courtesy of Cruise & Maritime Voyages)

The other day, we heard from Cruise & Maritime Voyages, with whom we’ve booked our Northern Lights/Norwegian Fjords cruise in March. There’s been a change; thankfully, not as disruptive as the change we had to make to our Australian plans earlier this year. In fact, nothing at all has changed, apart from one major detail … we’re going on a different ship!

The Ocean Countess, on which we’d originally booked, is being withdrawn from service later this year, and is being replaced by the Discovery, which is presently in dry-dock undergoing refurbishment.

It’s an honourable name. A ship called Discovery, under Captain Charles Clerke, accompanied James Cook’s Resolution on his last voyage, and Captain Robert Falcon Scott made his first voyage to Antarctica on a ship of the same name. And, no doubt, there were others.

Having seen neither of these ships ‘in the metal’, I only have their specifications to go on at the moment. Discovery is slightly bigger than Countess… about 20 feet longer, 3000 tons heavier and having one more deck … but only carries 700 passengers, as opposed to 800 on the Countess.

If this was an aircraft, I’d ask … does this mean more legroom?

You can find out more about Discovery at

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