Posted by: travelrat | August 20, 2012


Morialta: 11th April 2012.

There are several creeks flowing from the Adelaide Hills into the Torrens River … incidentally, a ‘river’ in name only. With a lamentable lack of imagination, the early settlers named them First Creek, Second Creek, Third Creek … et.seq; ad. inf. and ad. naus!

In several places, the creeks have formed waterfalls, the best known of which is the triple falls at Morialta … which (probably) the same soulless person has called the First Fall, the Second Fall and the Third Fall. But, they can be quite spectacular in the rainy season.

At this time of the year, though, there was only the slightest trickle of water in them and I thought that, if I’d paid admission to see them, I’d want my money back. They don’t, however, charge to enter the Morialta Conservation Park … unless you have a car, which you normally have to pay to park. But, today, the machine was out of order.

The First Fall is a fair walk from the car park, but it’s a relatively flat one, along the floor of a wooded, ever-narrowing gorge. There’s better views of all three falls if you take one of the more strenuous Loop Walks up the red gorge walls. These elevated paths give some good views of Adelaide, too. But, we only took a short walk; and only viewed the two upper falls from a distance.

There’s much to be seen at close hand too; a little lizard scurrying across the path, and up a tree … I think this is the first time I’ve seen one outside a sanctuary or a wildlife park … a sleeping koala



  1. Awww. That koala is adorable. What a special shot!

  2. I’ve been to Morialta a couple of times. The bottom walk is the easiest, but to go to second falls, the path is steeper, offers some nice views of Adelaide, and yields quite a display of wildflowers.

    • I hope there was more water in the falls when you visited 😀 But, I’ve been on other occasions, when there was more water … and presently, I’ll be posting about some falls we visited at the ‘Top End’ … just after ‘The Wet’.

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