Posted by: travelrat | August 15, 2012

Golden Mail Boxes

I wonder if the Post Office is regretting the promise it made at the start of the Olympic Games? They were going to rush out a special issue of stamps every time a gold medal was won, and they were going to paint a post box gold in the home town of each gold medal recipient.

The first ‘gold box’ to appear was at Larkhill, near us, in honour of Heather Stanning who, with Helen Glover brought in the first gold in the ladies’ rowing pairs. I took a photo of this, which I posted on Twitter and Facebook … and received several tweets and comments.

However, the Post Office didn’t do this; Heather’s home town is Lossiemouth, Scotland. I received several messages to this effect, some of them suggesting that, if they ever find who was responsible, the culprit is in the brown smelly stuff.

With her ‘other hat on’, though, Heather is Captain Stanning, an Army officer serving with our friends, 32 Regiment Royal Artillery, at Larkhill. Apparently, representations had been made to the Post Office, since she lived and worked at Larkhill and regarded it as her second home. The Post Office is reported to have been thinking about it when they got pre-empted!

According to the Salisbury Journal, nobody’s getting too steamed up about it, and the Post Office are fairly sure it will remain gold for some time.

I’ve been watching the television reports of the rapturous reception given to our athletes when they returned to their homes. I can’t help comparing it with the reception my friend Philip got, when he returned from the Winter Olympics in 1968. He was simply greeted with the Admin Officer saying: ‘Oh, you’re back! How did you get on?’


  1. Oh, how disappointing for Philip. They could at least have jumped up and down a bit. I actually really like the gold post boxes. Now that’s what you call bling!!

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