Posted by: travelrat | August 13, 2012

International Kite Festival, Semaphore

Semaphore Beach: 8th April 2012

What is there to see at the International Kite Festival, other than people flying kites? Not a lot, apart from the kites themselves. But, what kites! Not the traditional kite shape, or even box kites, but every other conceivable size, shape and colour.

They’re mainly animal shapes, but also random geometrical shapes, streamers … and a ‘Rev’; an agile aerobatic kite.

A long way, I thought, from the bamboo and brown paper contrivances we tried, usually unsuccessfully, to get airborne as kids. However, for my own kids, I bought kites, which were a little bit more successful, although nothing like as spectacular as these.

For the event, the northern part of Semaphore Beach was closed off, and the spectators watched from the jetty. Or, took part; on the southern side of the jetty, people flew their own kites, or those bought from a convenient stall nearby.

I suppose I can best describe it with a video. I wanted to use Fleetwood Mac’s Albatross as background music, but I don’t have permission to use it. So, once more, Kevin MacLeod’s Frost Waltz; a lovely, relaxing piece.


  1. I love kites. I used to fly them a lot as a kid and they still bewitch me a lot. I could easily watch them for hours. I absolutely love your video and the huge assortment of kites!

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