Posted by: travelrat | August 6, 2012

Clare Valley

Auburn, 7th April 2012.

The Clare Valley wine region is extremely attractive, but it’s a pity we had to negotiate 70 miles of GAFA (Great Australian … er … Fanny Adams) to get to it. Truly, this has to be one of the world’s most boring roads to drive.

But, it’s worth it. While, of course, the Barossa Valley is better known, the Clare Valley is home to many boutique wineries. Now, I’m not sure of the exact meaning of this word … just as there’s really no clear line for me as to when a mere ‘shop’ becomes a ‘boutique’.

I had previously thought that maybe a ‘boutique’ winery was a very small operation, set up in an old garage or outbuilding or something, but both the wineries we saw were slick, commercial operations. The Jeffrey Grosset winery was closed, but there was a man who’d popped in to do some maintenance work. But, since the person we’d come here to visit was Jeffrey’s mother, we got shown around anyway.

Almost next door is the Mount Horrocks winery, which was open. Their cellar door and restaurant is in the sympathetically restored railway station. We had a taste of the product, but didn’t buy any, as it was really out of our price range. The Queen, apparently, likes their very best … where the vines are partially cut through, and the grapes allowed to dry almost to raisins … and a consignment is sent to ‘Buck House’ regularly.

Some of their vines are right outside, and, in common with many other vineyards, they have roses at the end of each row … in this case, all yellow ones, for these are best for detecting threats to this particular strain of grapes.


  1. Great Australian Fanny Adams. LOL. Loved hearing about this. Tee hee.

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