Posted by: travelrat | July 30, 2012

Central Market, Adelaide (with video)

5th April 2012.

Having done a little business in Adelaide, we checked out the Central Market. All the guide books say to go there, even if only to look rather than to buy. It’s been on my ‘bucket list’ ever since a celebrity chef visiting the Adelaide Food Festival some years ago declared it the best she’d ever seen.

It’s all here … mainly fruit and veg stalls, but a fair sprinkling of butchers, bakers, cheesemongers, fishmongers and nut stalls, as well as the occasional dress shop and souvenir stall. And, of course, cafés!

As you move further east, the atmosphere becomes more eastern, with more and more Chinese and Asiatic foods and artefacts on offer. Finally, you finish up in an area of the market that has become known as Chinatown.

The most important ingredient of a market is people, and people were here in plenty, probably doing some last-minute shopping before Easter.




  1. Looks like a very well-stocked market with lots of variety. I would love shopping there. Nom nom nom…

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