Posted by: travelrat | July 23, 2012

Glenelg, and Other Beaches

3rd April 2012.

Today, we took a drive down the Military Road, which connects the beach suburbs of Adelaide. One of our stops was at Henley Beach, where we were most amused by the pelicans on the Jetty. They just perched on top of the lamp posts preening themselves and paying little heed to passers-by stopping to photograph them. It’s possible to get up really close, and get some good pictures.

I wonder if the Town Council encourage them to stay as a tourist attraction?

The road leads into Glenelg (spelt backwards is Glenelg!). which sometimes strikes me as having a slight air of trying to ape Surfers’ Paradise. There’s some high-rise here, although nothing like as much as there is at Surfers’, and what there is isn’t nearly as oppressive.

There wasn’t any surf, either.

Nevertheless, it’s still a good place to visit; the beach and Moseley Square are a photographer’s delight. There is the beautifully gingerbread kitsch of the Town Hall, and the tall monument commemorating the landing of the ‘Buffalo’, which brought the first settlers … South Australia was never a convict colony … here, under Captain (later Governor) John Hindmarsh. There are the stately, shade-giving pines, the jetty and, of course, the beach.

We had a look at the Buffalo’ … not the genuine original; it’s not even an authentic replica. It’s just a sad, shabby parody; a floating (just!) restaurant masquerading as a fine, proud ship. I just can’t believe that one of His Majesty’s ships was painted that dull, matt black all over. And, I’m sure it would never have been allowed to get into such an unsailorly condition … if it was, I doubt if she would have made it out of the English Channel.

Only the names are the same. And, it wasn’t open, so we had to content ourselves with a wander around the outside.


You may remember, this time last year, I took a sail around Southampton Water in ‘Gold Coast Australia’, a participant in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race. She’s now back in Southampton, having won the overall race, with 12 first places, one second and two thirds to her credit; in fact, she’s never been off the winners’ podium. Hearty congratulations to skipper Richard Hewson and his crew.


If you want to find out about (or even participate in) the Clipper race starting next year, go to



  1. Love the Buffalo and the pelicans. I didn’t realise Glenelg was a palindrome, but of course, it is. Awesome!!!

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