Posted by: travelrat | July 20, 2012

In Dublin’s Fair City ….

Dublin: 20th September 2011

We didn’t really go to Dublin to see the sights. Our next call would be to go to a wedding in Cumbria, so it made more sense to sail to Liverpool, rather than return the way we came.

Nevertheless, we had a few hours to spare in the city, so we caught a bus from our hotel in Swords to the Centre. Now, usually, when we visit a country which uses the euro, I usually come home with a pocketful of change. Not in Ireland! All our coins got used up on road tolls and in the buses, both of which will only take payment in coins … except for the eToll system, which I shall tell you about later.

I had to admire, though, the superbly antediluvian, Heath Robinson system by which you had to tender your coins for the bus fare.

I didn’t really take to Dublin; it was far too jostling and crowded for my liking, and a bit grimy and squalid in many places. But, maybe if I’d spent longer there, and seen a bit more, I might revise my opinion.

Of course, there’s a statue of the famous Molly Malone, and nearby was a street busker droning the song … I never liked it much anyway, but singing it to the tune of ‘Streets of Laredo’? I didn’t see him getting thrown into the Liffey, so it seems the Dubliners took no exception!

For lunch, we had a nice sirloin steak at TGIFridays … and, finally … because I didn’t have to do any driving afterwards … a Guinness! And, what they say is true; it DOES taste better in Ireland!


  1. I didn’t realise Molly Malone was so well endowed…haha. And yes, the Guinness does taste better in Ireland!

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