Posted by: travelrat | July 16, 2012

Himeji Gardens: Video

Adelaide: 2nd April 2012.

I already posted a slide show of the Himeji Gardens at , made up of pictures I took in 2006. At the time I posted it, I promised video from my visit this year, and here it is.

I think I was lucky to arrive just after a light shower, which increased the saturation of those lovely colours beautifully. And, I returned again after our trip to Darwin, and got some even better pictures as the leaves were turning. So, maybe there’ll be more video later.

Remember Tunisia? My article just went live at



  1. Beautifully maintained gardens. Just stunning. The water features make it all so serene. It is so green. Very pretty with the little stone benches. You did a great job of filming it!

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