Posted by: travelrat | July 13, 2012

Cashel: The Video

Cashel: 20th September 2011.

Since this was really only a leg-stretching stop on the way to Dublin, we didn’t see or find out much more about Cashel than I’ve already written. Further researches did, though, reveal that the Rock and the castle did play a prominent part in Irish history.

Since this history consists largely of a succession of chieftains playing ‘I’m the king of the castle!’, I’ll just refer you to,_County_Tipperary

But, I do like the story of St. Patrick converting a local chief, and inadvertently stabbing his foot with his staff. The chief thought it was a sort of Christian initiation ceremony!

Here’s the video ….

If you want to see something of our adventures at the ‘Top End’ (the ‘Trip Diary’ will get there presently!) go to


  1. Love the history of the area. So nice to see those places still standing!!!

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