Posted by: travelrat | July 6, 2012

Cashel: The Road to Dublin

Cashel: September 20th 2011

Away from the cities, Irish motorways are much better to drive on than the ones at home. They’re much quieter, and not as manic; you can enjoy the drive without concentrating 100% on survival.

There are no service areas on the motorway itself. You need to leave the motorway in order to seek fuel or food. Not that you need any excuse to leave it. In my opinion, a motorway is an autobahn is an autostrada; they’re pretty much the same wherever you are, and, if you’re not in a hurry, the main roads give you a much better flavour of the country you’re driving through,

We stopped for a short while at Cashel, a pretty town about midway between Cork and Dublin. All we really knew about the place was that there is a rock there … it featured on a set of Irish stamps I used to have in my schoolboy collection. The Irish name is Carraig Phadraigh, which translates as ‘Patrick’s Rock’. So, maybe there’s a story or a legend here? Unfortunately, we didn’t really have time to stop long enough to find out.

The rock is an outcrop of limestone, and on top of it is a castle. But, we didn’t go in; major work was in progress, and it was covered in scaffolding. So, we just walked around, seeking the viewpoint which showed the least amount of scaffolding.





  1. very nise

  2. Shame about the scaffolding but still an impressive shot….

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