Posted by: travelrat | July 4, 2012


In 2010, we went to Maastricht to see the André Rieu Homecoming Concert. We were unable to go in 2011, but we saw the (allegedly) live cinecast in Bath. Which raised a number of questions … most importantly … was it really live?

This year, we did both! And no, it wasn’t! We were actually at the concert, and it didn’t hit the screens till almost a week later; we saw it again at the Odeon, in Salisbury. We noted that several bits were cut out, but it didn’t detract much from the screening. We were treated to close-ups that we couldn’t have seen even on the big TV screens at Maastricht.

Also, it was shown with sub-titles, so we were finally able to understand the jokes … at the performance, we just laughed politely when everyone else did, for neither of us speaks Dutch. We discovered, also, that the gentleman who sang ‘The Smurf Song’ was actually Father Abraham, not someone who looked like him.

(At Bath, they actually dubbed the English in … maybe they had more time to prepare it?)

So … advantage of the cinecast? Well, Salisbury is but a 20-minute drive from where I live, the seats are more comfortable, there’s nothing like the queue there was for the toilets at Maastricht … and we didn’t have to cast an anxious eye on the heavens in case it started to rain.

The missing factor is the atmosphere. You can only get that if you attend one of the concerts. The cinecast is an acceptable substitute if you can’t get there. I’d recommend … if you can, do both!


  1. I like Andre Rieu. I’ve seen several of his videos and it’s always hilarious how he gets the audience involved.

    • We have half a shelf in our cupboard devoted to his CDs and DVDs! Another appeal is the way his orchestra seems to be having fun, too … so many classical orchestras seem to just sit there and play.

      I used to be a great fan of James Last; I think this guy’s his natural successor!

  2. He does get the audience involved a lot. I think cinecasts are a great idea for those who can’t get to concerts. As you say, not quite the same atmosphere, but fun nonetheless!

    • Yes … up until they came to be, we had to wait nearly 12 months for the DVD to come out!

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