Posted by: travelrat | June 26, 2012

Back from Brussels

I didn’t post while I was away, because I didn’t take a computer with me … although we found there was free wifi everywhere we were staying, and almost everywhere we stopped! Still, we’ll know next time!

A cheerless view from our hotel miles from anywhere on an anonymous trading estate.

Fortunately, we were only sleeping there … we did a lot of other things besides ‘admiring the scenery from the hotel

And, there were compensations!



  1. Hi,
    Welcome back. 🙂
    As long as the room was clean and beds reasonable that is all you need for a good nights sleep.
    The compensations do look good. 🙂 Is that garlic bread I can see in the basket on the right?

  2. Keith, have you looked up Leffe?
    Next time you are in Brussels get in touch and we’ll go for a less industrial beer 😉 Though I’m sure you probably sampled quite a few while you were here.

    • We only slept in Brussels … the ‘event’ was in Maastricht. Beer of this trip was in Brugge … ‘Brugse Zot’. I wanted ‘Straffe Henrik’, but the barman said they didn’t have any.

      • Well next time you find yourself in Brussels while I’m here. I’ll buy you a beer.

    • I must say I was surprised to find Leffe is now owned by the company which produces that disgusting muck that is the best excuse for abstinence I know of!

      Although it’s drinkable, it’s not my beer of choice, but it was all they had at this particular establishment.

  3. It does look a bit cheerless. But hey, it’s great to get out and about, right? And the beer looks good!

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