Posted by: travelrat | June 13, 2012

Adelaide: Museum and Botanic Gardens

28th March 2012.

Today, we went into Adelaide on the bus. We were making an early call, as is our habit, not at the Tourist Office, but at the South Australian Museum on North Terrace.

North Terrace is a street of lovely old buildings, and the Museum is no exception. It’s just as pleasant to sit outside as to visit … which is good, because we arrived about 30 minutes before it opened. Inside, there’s a well-displayed exhibition of Aboriginal art and culture, spread over two floors. And, what we’d come to see. A comprehensive display of wildlife, most of which are stuffed, deceased ex-inhabitants of Adelaide Zoo.

There’s also a gigantic squid … in a glass case, but sort of suspended in the stairwell, over three floors.

Further along the terrace is the extensive Botanical Gardens. It’s set in the belt of green parkland that completely encircles the city centre and, even if you have no interest in things floral, it’s a great place to just walk and chill out. All right, in late March, it’s a little past its best, but we enjoyed it anyway

There’s a couple of places to eat, too, and, for lunch, we had a pie … the first of many … and a cold drink in the one beside the lake, accompanied by pigeons and moorcocks.



  1. Hi Keith,
    Sounds like you both enjoyed your day out to the museum. I have never been to this museum but it does sound very interesting, and it is always nice to sit and enjoy the gardens, they must really look great in Spring, because it certainly does look nice in the photo. 🙂

  2. That is a nice little pozzy by the lake. I’d eat my lunch there too. Adelaide is quite pretty!

  3. I have some video, but I’ll hold that back for a while, because I got some additional footage about a month later, which I haven’t edited yet.

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