Posted by: travelrat | June 8, 2012

The Face in the Stone

About 4000 years ago, the construction of Stonehenge began, not with the ‘sarsen stones’ we’re all so familiar with but with a type of stone called ‘bluestone’, found only in the Presceli Hills, in far-off Wales. Nobody knows quite how they got here; theories include magical intervention by the wizard Merlin, or even that passing extra-terrestrials may have lent a hand.

However, researches have found bluestones at the bottom of the Bristol Channel, suggesting they may have been rafted across, then man-hauled over the remaining distance.

As part of the Jubilee Bank Holiday, they held an exhibition of historical artefacts connected with Amesbury in the Melor Hall. This is the former Parish Hall, which was recently acquired by the Council for eventual conversion to a museum. The centrepiece of the exhibition was a huge bluestone brought over from the Presceli Hills by 32 Regiment, Royal Artillery. This was in addition to one we already had, presented to our Round Table by the Cardigan and Teifi Valley Round Table.

The stone was first seen at the Amesbury Carnival on Saturday, and a strange thing happened. A lady showed a photograph she had taken, which showed a distinct face in the stone! Nobody had noticed it previously, although you can just make it out without a camera if you really concentrate.

Here’s my picture. You’ll have to sit well back in your chair, and maybe half-close your eyes but … can you see it?


  1. You really can see it. That’s just amazing. WOW. A little bit of magic right there, I think!

  2. Hi Keith,
    Oh yes I can definitely see the face just amazing. 🙂

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