Posted by: travelrat | May 2, 2012

The Red Centre

What I was looking for in the Red Centre were photographs different to what you see in the picture books and postcards. But, that’s difficult; Uluru (Ayer’s Rock), Kata-Tjuta (The Olgas) and Watarrka (King’s Canyon) are on Aboriginal land. There are places they ask you not to go, so it’s best to stick to marked trails, or, better still, to go with a guide,

(Note, by the way, I said ‘they ask you …’ rather than forbid it entirely. By the same token, I might ask you not to smoke in my car. But, you’ll still find yourself walking if you insist on it!)

Excellent as the guides were, I think I’d have preferred Aboriginal ones, like we had at Katherine Gorge. We did visit an Aboriginal Cultural Centre, but I believe we’d have got a better insight into their ways by watching demonstrations and listening to story-tellers than just wandering round an unattended collection of artefacts, pictures and interpretative displays.

Another ‘downer’ was the ‘Sunset Views’ at Uluru and Watarrka. On neither occasion did the sun play ball, but the wine and nibbles were quite pleasant anyway.

However, these were only very slight niggles. As you’ll see in coming posts, they pale into insignificance compared with what’s to come. All three of these features have to be seen with your own eyes; the best pictures in the world can’t do them full justice.

But, in the coming weeks … I shall try!



  1. Hi Keith,
    Sounds like you are enjoying yourself in the Red Center. What a shame about the sunset view, on some days the colours are magnificent, maybe the wrong time of year. Still as long as your having a great time that is what matters, and of course you are seeing something different as well. 🙂

    • We saw a great sunRISE the following day. However, we wished we could stay another day, because it rained on the way back to Alice Springs, and we MAY have seen water running off Uluru.

  2. The Aboriginal guides are the best. They give a deeper insight into the area. What a shame about the sunsets – it’s so frustrating when that happens. Hopefully you’ll catch a good one soon!

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