Posted by: travelrat | April 11, 2012

First Adelaide Round-up


Koala: Morialta Conservation Park

Phase 1 of the ‘Aussie Tour’ is nearly over. We’ve been around quite a bit although, at the moment, I don’t think we’ve visited anywhere we haven’t been before. However, maybe it’s wrong to file Semaphore under this heading, for we haven’t been there for nearly fifty years.

It’s not a bad thing by any means. It’s meant that I could refresh my pictures; most of what I have is on slide … and get some video of one or two favourite places. You’ll have to wait until it’s edited before I tell where, though.

Adelaide is pretty well as I remember it. It’s always been one of the easiest cities to drive in that I’ve ever come across … and that’s saying something; most places, I won’t even take a car into the centre. I did once joke that you could live here all your life, and never have to make a right turn.

So, tomorrow, the car goes back, and at the weekend we fly to Darwin … and Phase 2 commences.



  1. Hi Keith,
    I love your photo, the koala is doing what koalas do best, having a sleep. 🙂
    I’m glad you were able to update some of your photos, and get some video, and I wish you a good flight to Darwin.

    Here is Darwin’s weather for the next couple of days if you are interested, it will be hot of course.

    • I thought of George Courtauld’s story about the sloth. Although difficult to see, the guide had no problem spotting it and pointing it out. When George congratulated him, he said:

      It wasn’t a problem! It was here yesterday!

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