Posted by: travelrat | March 28, 2012

Journeys Into Yesterday

Three rail gauges in South Australia ... all on one track.

Sometimes, I think when arriving at somewhere, it’s sometimes better to start off with a visit to a museum than to the Tourist Information Centre. So, since this trip will be centred around a rail trip, the National Railway Museum in Port Adelaide , about which I shall write more later, was an early call. I wanted to see the engines that used to pull the ‘old’ Ghan, and refresh my memory of how South Australia used to cope with the difficult task of operating three track gauges; the Ghan, at 3’6” being the narrowest of them.

There was also a little information on the little-known, and now defunct, North Australia Railway, which used to run from Darwin to Birdum.

.On the following day, we went to the South Australia Museum, on North Terrace.

It’s a lovely old building in a street of lovely old buildings, and, while we’d really come to see the wildlife displays, we found the well-displayed exhibition of Aboriginal art and culture, spread over two floors absorbing.

Further along the terrace is the extensive Botanical Gardens, and it was here we had lunch.  In a cafe by the side of the ornamental lake, we had a cold drink … and the first meat pies of the visit.




  1. Hi,
    That would of been great to have a look at the old engines. I also love museums, so much to learn no matter which museum you go to there is always something different.
    Ah into the meat pies already, hard to resist aren’t they. 😀

  2. You and your meat pies……LOL. I would enjoy seeing the old engines too. So fascinating. I am glad you are getting the chance to see them!

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